Fern Bee's



This project was carried out during my year in New Zealand! Hence the name : Fern Bee's
Fern. National symbol of this country.


The silver fern, distinguished by the underside of its leaves adorned with a silver-white colour, has become the national symbol because of its Maori legend, a story comparable to that of the "Little Thumb". Followed by the use of this symbol and this legend by the national rugby team.

"Mate atu he toa, ara mai he toa" "When one fighter falls, another rises".
"Mate atu he tetakura, ara mai he tetakura" "When one fern dies, another is born"

Perseverance, resilience and the notion of continuous movement are predominant values in rugby. When a player is tackled to the ground, another player takes over the action.

Creation of the logo, the label for the honey pots, the visuals and the photos.
I was asked to use the visual of the plants of the country where the bees will forage for the production of this honey.
The client wanted something more realistic and worked than a simple vector bee for her visual of the honey pots to stand out.